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Improve the educational quality of your daycare with Universal Curriculum

7 keys why you should buy our plans!

In the fast-paced world of child care providers, we know that time is money. Building weekly schedules for your daycare that boost children's learning can be a daunting challenge. But don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you! Bilingual Childcare Training's weekly curriculums are the ideal option for those looking for a fun and easy-to-implement experience. In this article, you'll discover how Universal Curriculum can transform your daycare's daily routine and how you can upgrade with our annual subscription plans.

1. Save time and reduce stress:

  • Leave the weekly planning of your educational activities in the hands of experts.

  • Our team is in charge of creating original and quality content in science, technology, ecology, arts and mathematics.

  • Receive your weekly planning 100% digital in Spanish and English for efficient planning.

2. Educate global citizens and develop key skills:

  • Our annual subscription material helps children develop skills such as decision making, problem solving, values, identity and personality, ecological awareness, emotional intelligence and use of technology.

  • Each week, you'll receive a new topic that will keep your children interested and engaged in education.

3. Complete and entertaining activities:

  • Our activities include songs, dances, games, sports activities, crafts, reading and much more.

  • We encourage cognitive, affective, sensory, social and motor development in your children.

4. Adaptable to different needs:

  • Our activities are designed to suit different ages and ability levels.

  • We also offer options for children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities.

5. Exclusive support and resources:

  • Our team of early childhood education experts is committed to providing you with the best educational experience possible.

  • Get access to exclusive educational resources you won't find anywhere else.

6. Modernity and practicality:

  • In an increasingly digital world, Universal Curriculum offers you a practical and modern solution for planning your educational activities.

  • Don't waste time searching for activities online or designing your own weekly plans, everything you need is in one place!

7. Stand out in a competitive market:

  • If you're looking to stand out in the child care provider market, Universal Curriculum may be the key to making it happen.

  • Offer your clients a quality and enriching education, providing peace of mind and confidence.

At Universal Curriculum, we understand the challenges you face as a child care provider and we want to help you overcome them. With our annual subscription plans, you can save time, reduce stress and improve the educational quality of your daycare. Don't miss the opportunity to download a free full-day demo!

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