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Language and communication begin to develop in babies from the time they are in the womb, when they begin to hear the sounds of their family members' voices. After birth, babies are ready to begin to enjoy reading and singing songs.

To encourage reading habits in our children, it is important to stimulate language development and promote the love for reading from an early age, which can be done through different activities. It is important that parents, educators and child care providers create play strategies to improve language. Children with strong language skills tend to be good readers and improve their vocabulary, since talking and reading go hand in hand.

Here are a few ideas that you can implement in your daycare to start promoting reading

* Reading time: Dedicate a daily time for reading, this will create a habit in children.

* Tone of voice: Use a different tone of voice for each character in the story, this will make the child understand and be motivated to listen.

* Images: Perform picture reading, where children can put the story together as they see it.

Books: Teach age-appropriate books, cloth or rubber books are ideal for younger children.

By implementing all these reading habits in our children, we will form creative, dynamic children with a more developed intellect. More than a duty, it is a necessity to carry out this task with our children, let's make our Daycare the best.

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