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With Christmas comes a lot of cute and creative activities to do, Christmas is a holiday that makes children very happy and we adults love to see those little faces full of happiness. Food is one of the things that children enjoy the most and why not include them in the preparation. I invite you to make these creative and colorful Christmas recipes with the kids, besides filling them with excitement and love for Christmas, they will develop their motor and social skills.

Let's prepare these fun Christmas recipes. Christmas is a time to share and enjoy, where we can experiment and discover through activities that children enjoy, having fun while cooking. Keep in mind that involving them from a very young age in the preparation of food helps them to internalize good habits from a very early age.

Let's go... "Let's get to work". Put the children in an apron and let's get to work.

Santa Claus fruit skewers: For this recipe you will need strawberries, green grapes, banana, marshmallow and a wooden stick.

Wash the fruits very well, cut the bananas into slices, insert the grape in the wooden stick, then a slice of banana and a strawberry, at the tip place a piece of marshmallow.

Santa Claus dolls: To make this recipe you will need strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate balls. Wash the strawberries well, cut one by one in half, so that the bottom part is bigger. Place the whipped cream between the two parts and put them together, and make Santa's hat and the buttons on his belly, and finally glue the chocolate balls to imitate his eyes.

Snowmen: To prepare this recipe you will need bananas, strawberries, chocolate noodles, chocolate balls and wooden sticks. Wash the strawberries well, cut the banana in slices of good thickness, insert the slices in a wooden stick, at the end a strawberry, decorate with chocolate balls and chocolate noodles and that's it.

Decorated cookies: To prepare this recipe you will need cookies, arequipe, m&m candies of different colors. Apply arequipe to the cookies, decorate with the candies and enjoy delicious cookies.

You can make all these recipes together with the children, besides encouraging their love for Christmas and fostering creativity and imagination, they will eat something nutritious like fruit.

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